About This Website

Cryptools is an open source cryptography reference website, intended to provide means to execute common computer science operations. Sample code for most of these operations are included throughout the webiste, intended to be short snippets that can be further built upon to provide full functionality.

Open Source

The entirety of this website, including page content, source code for the operations, and styling is hosted on GitHub. The source code is licensed under the MIT license, which allows the following:

  • Commerciial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Private use

If you'd like to modify any of these pages, or otherwise improve any aspect of the website, submit a pull request to the GitHub repository.


Cryptools is built using React, a Javascript library for building user interfaces. Cryptools uses the Next.js React framework to provide static file serving, font optimization, routing and layouts, among other things. Cryptools is hosted on Vercel.

All operations on this website—hashes, converters, ciphers, and encoders— use no external dependencies and are either implemented in Typescript or utilize built in browser APIs. This is done to minimize bundle size and serve these pages as quickly as possible.