Online Tools for Developers

Cryptools is a reference website for common cryptography and computer science operations. Source code for common programming languages is included, in case you need implementation details for many of these operations. If you have suggestions for the website, a bug to report, or anything else you'd like to tell me about, feel free to create a new issue on Github.


About the Code Samples

The code samples on the pages that you visit are intended to be short programs that you can run on your machine to get a quick view of what an algorithm is doing. They do not have feature parity with the functions on the pages themselves. For example, the Caesar cipher code samples will not deal with capitalization at all.

These code samples can be run with the latest versions of their respective languages/runtimes. I have made an effort to be as concise and true to the language as possible. However, languages that I am less familiar with (Ruby, Go, etc.) will likely have code samples that leave room for improvement. If you'd like to refine or modify them, please submit a pull request on GitHub.

Also, please don't use the code provided here in production without rigorous testing.